June 21, 2022

Why Should You Study English in Bournemouth?

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Want to study abroad in the UK? This is why Bournemouth might be for you.


Here at Bayswater we have colleges all over the UK, each offering something unique. This week, we’re telling you why Bournemouth might be the perfect location for you. From its diverse student population to arts and culture, Bournemouth offers something a little more relaxed than London whilst remaining just an hour and a half away from the capital. 


Take a look at our Language Centre in Bournemouth


Our school at Bayswater Bournemouth has a large student zone with sofas and a flatscreen TV, for those days when you just need to chill between classes! 


1 – The Diversity 

Thanks to schools like Bayswater, there is a large student population in Bournemouth. Even better, students come from all over the world to create ethnic and cultural diversity in the city. The city is full of international restaurants and cafes, which are great for gaining a variety of experiences as well as meeting new people. 


2 – The Landscape 

If you’re someone who likes spending time outdoors (who doesn’t?!) Bournemouth is full of green spaces. In fact, a massive 20% of the borough of Bournemouth is made up of parks and gardens! In addition, the city is home to over 47,000 trees. Some of the most popular parks include the Upper and Lower Gardens in the city centre, Stour Valley Nature Reserve on the edge of the city, and Boscombe Chine Gardens, right on the sea front. 


3 – The Location 

As well as being just an hour and a half outside of London, Bournemouth has great access to many UK landmarks, including the Jurassic Coast, the New Forest National Park and Stonehenge. Of course, it’s also right on the beach front where you’ll find a range of activities, including volleyball, surfing and a zipline. Our school in Bournemouth is just a few minutes' walk from the beach.


4 – The Weather 

The southern coast of the UK boasts a micro-climate, meaning Bournemouth has some of the best weather conditions in the UK. Bournemouth has everything you could want from a British travel experience, with slightly less of the cold! 


5 – The Culture 

Bournemouth has a rich Victorian history which lingers in its’ architecture. St Peter’s Church is a Gothic Rival era building, which makes its mark on Bournemouth’s skyline and is definitely worth a visit. The Pavillion Theatre has an impressive calendar of events year-round, as well as many galleries and museums.