July 04, 2023

Study in Calgary: Sunniest City in Canada

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Are you having a tough time deciding what type of location you want to study in? You might want to experience the buzz of a city, or your heart is set on experiencing the natural gifts of the Earth. What if you could experience both while pursuing your studies? Calgary is known to be the brightest and sunniest major city in Canada while also keeping a positive reputation for a comfortable metropolitan area to live in. What other hidden gems does Calgary have to offer? 

1. Diverse population 

Calgary is known to be one of the most diverse cities in Canada. The city consists of people speaking over 120 different languages with English to be considered as the mother tongue. You can be exposed to native English speakers, but you are also being exposed to so many other languages. Students at Bayswater Calgary have a range of English courses to choose from such as IELTS preparation, University Pathway, Business English, and more.  

2. Most Livable City in Canada 

The metropolitan area makes transportation much easier to use because it runs on a free transit system. With our school being in the core business district, you can get to us without having to worry about train fares. Calgary boasts the reputation of having the lowest cost of living of the five major cities in Canada making it much easier for our students to seek accommodations that work the best for them. Our modern student residence is only 20 minutes from Bayswater Calgary. Students also have an option for homestay accommodation where we assure you will get quality living space.  

3. Connect with nature 

There are multiple parks across the city for the perfect place to relax. You might find yourself at Prince’s Island Park, Confederation Park, or Edworthy Park. You might make your way over to Nose Hill Park for an impressive view of the Calgary skyline. Living in the city also allows you to catch a glimpse of the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the horizon. 

4. Indulging in Sports 

Studying in Calgary would allow you to learn more about the culture surrounding the most popular sport in Canada. Hockey. The city is home to two hockey teams who host their games in Scotiabank Sattledome. The 1988 Winter Olympic Games were hosted in the city which led to the creation of the Canada Olympic Park. Students can participate in a variety of summer and winter activities including skating, mini golfing, mountain biking, and more! 

Bayswater Calgary strives to provide all the resources students may need. The learning centre consists of plenty of classrooms and spaces to relax during your learning experience. More information about Bayswater Calgary: