July 04, 2023

Learn English in Liverpool: City of Architecture, Culture, and Art

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The city of Liverpool provides something for everyone by being home to multiple attractions that accommodate everyone’s interests.  One of the friendliest cities in the UK provides our students a chance to be surrounded by English speakers and to be exposed to international culture. Here are some more reasons why you should study English in Liverpool: 

1. Abundance of History 

Liverpool is home to multiple art and world history museums such as the Tate Liverpool, World Museum, The Beatles Story Exhibit/Museum, and many more. Students can immerse themselves in the history that Liverpool is known for while studying English at Bayswater Liverpool. We offer homestay accommodation where we assure students will be provided with all the necessities. Our residential accommodation rests in the city centre of Liverpool and options a little further outside of it. 

2. Music galore 

The music group, The Beatles, originated in the great city of Liverpool. The city recognizes the group with their own museum while allowing the music industry to dominate the city. The British Music Experience displays a range of music genres from the last 70 years. You might recognize artists such as the Rolling Stones, The Spice Girls, and many more. 

3. Home to Liverpool FC 

One of the most famous football clubs in the world calls Liverpool home. Students can experience the culture surrounding football at the Anfield Stadium while being 2 miles away from the city centre.  

4. Language Immersion 

Students are exposed to the language daily as the city is filled with English speakers. Being surrounded by the language will enhance your language skills by having daily conversations with those who live in Liverpool. Bayswater Liverpool offers English courses consisting of IELTS Preparation, General English, and One to One English. Our facilities create a comfortable environment with plenty of spaces for students to relax and socialise amongst their peers. We provide our students with consistently upgraded technology in classrooms to enhance learning.  

5. International Culture 

The city is an important centre of international culture for the United Kingdom. Liverpool boasts an enormous amount of cultural heritage which students can experience by exploring the cultural buildings and museums around the city.  

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