February 28, 2023

Bayswater Foundation Update March 2023

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We are happy to share with you our first Bayswater Foundation Newsletter! Our aim is to #ShareTheGood we've been doing in the past months and invite you to be part of it too. Stay until the end as you have more information about #BecomingAVolunteer and joining our first #MeetUp in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Did you know that...

Our one-for-one commitment means that when a student signs up, we give a place to someone less fortunate. So, they’re not only improving their own life, but someone else’s too.

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#TBT of the past 9 months (but on Friday)



Student at Fundación Caminos, Colombia

The past year has been huge for us as we've grown from impacting 108 underprivileged students to 669. In 2023 we will deliver 25,240 weeks of English classes to less privileged students around the world.

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Bareeq Education Students

Instead of only 2, we are now supporting 4 projects that teach English to students who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to learn it. We work with Mais Caminhos and Cidadão Pró Mundo in Brazil, Fundación Caminos in Colombia, and Bareeq Education in Jordan.

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Happy Friday Festival at Bayswater Calgary

From a homemade lavender sachets sale to football matches, all our centres were very engaged in fundraising for our #EducationForGood commitment. We are happy to share that £2918.16 was fundraised in 2023 so far, and £2083.40 was distributed directly to the Turkey & Syria emergency relief fund.


Bayswater Meet Up in São Paulo and Rio

Have you ever wanted to see how the projects we support look like and also reunite with Bayswater alumni and team members? Then join us for a visit at Mais Caminhos (RJ) on 05/04 at 7PM and at Cidadão Pró Mundo (SP) on 15/04 at 12PM.

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Want to Make a Change?

Have you ever thought about having experience in an international organization while making positive change in the world? Bayswater Foundation is now accepting applications to our volunteer positions for 2023 summer.

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Thanks to our students, staff and partners

We are only able to change the lives of less fortunate students due to your support.