December 20, 2022

Bayswater Foundation Impact in 2022

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At Bayswater we have a one-for-one commitment that means when a student signs up, we give a place to someone less fortunate. So, they’re not only improving their own life, but someone else’s too.

What we do: We donate time, expertise and money to students and charities to provide them with life-changing education.

Why we do it: Education should be available to anyone, whether they can afford it or not. We want to inspire the next generation of explorers, wherever they are.

Why we do it: We team up with organisations that share our mission and donate a week of classes for every week a student study with us.


  • Since 2019, we delivered a total of 9,240 student-weeks for less privileged students.

  • In July 2022 we opened an application process to select new projects and expand our impact. We received applications from 55 charities coming from 30 different countries including Japan, Thailand, Ukraine, France, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

  • We started working with 2 new projects from Jordan and Brazil. Through these new partnerships we aim to impact 545 underprivileged youth in the upcoming year.

  • In person visits: Louise, our Project Manager at the Foundation, visited Mais Caminhos in Rio de Janeiro and Cidadão Pró Mundo in São Paulo — projects we support in Brazil; Daniel Saldarriaga, our Regional Sales Director visited Fundación Caminos in Medellín and attended their anniversary event; Mohammed, Regional Sales Manager visited (and loved) Bareeq Education in Amman, Jordan.

  • Offered scholarships for refugee students to study at Bayswater London and 2 scholarships to study at Bayswater Paris.

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We are more than happy to announce that we are now working with 2 new projects from Jordan and Brazil. Through these partnerships, we aim to impact 545 underprivileged youth in the upcoming year.

Bareeq Education is the first project we support in the Middle East. We chose Bareeq because they focus on providing basic education, including English classes, to refugee children from Syria and other nations.

We also partnered with Cidadão Pró Mundo as their goal is to create equal opportunities to low-income Brazilians, while offering free English courses for underprivileged students by teaching English in an innovative way.

Thanks to our students, team & partners.

We are only able to change the lives of less fortunate students due to your support.