February 28, 2023

Bayswater Foundation - £3027 Fundraised For Good

Bayswater Calgary Thanksgiving Potluck.png
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When you study at Bayswater, you're not only improving your life, but someone else's too. In the past months our centres have been fundraising to expand the impact we create through Bayswater Foundation. Check it out some of these #InnitiativesForGood:


Every day studying with Bayswater is special, but Calgary makes Fridays extra special. At Bayswater Calgary we often celebrate #HappyFriday with a festival whilst fundraising for the foundation by selling tasty marshmallows and yummy hot chocolates. Check this lovely shot from one of our latest festivals.

Apart from Happy Fridays, during the holidays season in 2022 our Calgary crew alongside the students fundraised CAD$600 for Bayswater Foundation. They organized a Flea Market, Hot Chocolate and Cookies Sale, and a Thanksgiving Potluck. The students really enjoyed #FundraisingForGood and had plenty of fun. All the money fundraised will go towards our #EducationForGood commitment.

Find out more about the Bayswater Foundation here

Bayswater Calgary fundraising festival.png


Amazing fundraising efforts were also done at Bayswater Toronto. Students and team members got together and raised CAD$610 through a bake and cookie sale. What a wonderful impact this will have in the life of less fortunate students. Apart from fundraising for the number SGD (Sustainable Development Goal) number 4 (quality education), students had the opportunity do more good and engage in a food and clothing drive. During Christmas students also wrote cards for 230 residents of the Downsview Long-Term Care facility and delivered it. This was part of their Season’s Greetings Cards Project.

Bayswater Toronto Fundraising Bake Sale.JPG


Leaving North America and going directly to the most visited country in the world, our Parisien team did a wonderful job in handmaking lavender sachets (that came directly from Delphine's garden – our Operational Director) to fundraise for our #EducationForGood commitment.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what our centres our doing to make more good in the world and that you got inspired too. Thanks to everyone who involved. With your help we raised £944 in the last quarter of 2022 and £2083.40 for the Turkey & Syria emergency fund this year. When you #ChooseBayswater, you #ChooseToMakeADifference.

Bayswater Paris selling lavender for Bayswater Foundation.jpg