February 02, 2024

Bayswater destinations rank in Time Out's Top 50 Cities

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Time Out Magazine has released their annual top 50 cities list, and Bayswater has schools in five of them.

Tick the boxes of world-class education, and travel to world-ranked cities when you study with us.

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Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town – Ranked 2

South Africa’s adventure capital, the city is home to an iconic mountain range – Table Mountain, along with 72 beaches to enjoy. 

The weather is fondly referred to as ‘4 seasons in one day’ and a day out could start with an early morning beach walk with breakfast, visiting a museum, enjoying lunch in the winelands and finishing off with sunset while sitting on a Lion’s Head mountain.

Lifestyle markets are many and let shop local goods in all shapes and forms, from food to art.

Our Cape Town school is located in the bustling city centre with easy access to the melting pot of cultures as well as sights and sounds of the city as a whole.

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London, UK

London – Ranked 4

This international hub in the United Kingdom is where rich history and modern life come together in a colourful burst.

London’s iconic landmarks are endless, both old and new world. View art from the masters, walk in the footsteps of Shakespear, Elton John and even Ed Sheeran, in a day!

The food scene brings global fusion to your table, while grocery shopping lets you shop the world.

Our London school is located centrally, expect to see the Thames River and Kensington Palace on your way in!

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Liverpool, UK

Liverpool – Ranked 7

You cannot say Liverpool without mentioning their football club or The Beatles! This seaside town in the UK is home to art, music, food, and football and has created icons in all these areas.

Locals refer to it fondly as ‘the pool’ and enjoy the fact that everything is easy to get to on foot. While hard to compare, in terms of cultural history and exploration, it is very similar to London, with a smaller price tag on the cost of living.

Our Liverpool school is located close to the Carvern Club – known as the cradle or origin of British pop, and the place where The Beatles band was formed. Study breaks could see you witnessing the next pop phenomenon.

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Paris, France

Paris – Ranked 11

While an eleven on this list, Paris, France, can most certainly boast that most of the world views this city as the most romantic – whether they have visited or not! Many a romance novel or movie feature this city.

The French food culture, which has its foundation in many cooking techniques today, can be experienced throughout the country with food tours exploring specialty dishes. The humble baguette was also born here.

Magnificent cathedrals, leafy parks and Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are all on your doorstep.  

Our Paris school is located within walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the famous Fashion building Champs-Élysées.

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Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Ranked 50

Vancouver, Canada, is a busy seaside port on the west coast of British Columbia where scenery and city merge and can be best enjoyed at Stanley Park, one of North America’s largest urban green spaces.

Its laid-back atmosphere, mild climate and cultural diversity make it a unique destination. From music to food and religion, it all comes together in Vancouver.  

Our Vancouver school is within walking distance of Chinatown, seven blocks of city, offering a diverse and bustling neighbourhood filled with restaurants, shops, markets, and cultural attractions.

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‘ I did learn French, but I also learnt about the French culture, way of life, food and wine. ‘
Fusako Ishikawa

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