December 18, 2023

Bayswater Bridges the Skills Gap

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Bayswater launches new Skills Programmes for 2024 

After delving deep into the world of Gen Z, Bayswater have created bespoke courses that will genuinely give students a competitive advantage.

Professional Certificates 

January 2024 sees the launch of Bayswater’s refreshed portfolio of Professional Certificates for adults in London, Toronto and Vancouver. As pioneers of professional short courses they’ve put together the 4 week programmes with a focus on combining ‘upskilling’ with an international experience. 

Bayswater’s co-Founder Stephan Roussounis states: ‘We’ve looked at the science. Employers are finding that Gen Z struggle to cope when they start work and employers are frustrated by the lack of soft skills. With these courses we are answering this demand and bridging the gap’. 

Digital Marketing, International Business Management, Luxury Brand Management and Project Management courses all feature group projects, presentations and a company visit. They are designed to give students credible experience in a specialist field as well as the tools for success. 

University Experience Programmes (Juniors) 

Bayswater’s University Experience Programmes will launch in London in Summer 2024; the courses will help high school age students (14-18 years old) develop important students' soft skills whilst gaining the experience of university life in London.   

Bayswater’s co-Founder James Herbertson states: ‘Bayswater is all about giving our students a competitive advantage in life. Our University Experience Programmes will allow students who are about to enter higher education a unique insight into university life on our fantastic London campuses’. 

Global Leadership and International Business programmes will be running at both the University of Greenwich and the University of Westminster (Harrow) campuses. The immersive experiences involve a wide range of activities keeping the students engaged and actively learning throughout. 

The students come away from the courses having gained a taste of London University life, experience of studying abroad and the confidence to make the right choices for their next steps as they progress towards higher education. 

Bayswater provides upskilling educational experiences in 10 x unique locations across the globe. Students can study abroad by the sea or in iconic cities including London, Cape Town, Vancouver, Paris and more. The wide range of courses include Digital Marketing, Luxury Brand Management. International Business and wide range of Language skills programmes. They pride themselves in bridging the skills gap for the next generation by preparing all students for the future of work.