May 14, 2024

A Look at the Bayswater Foundation's Impact in 2023

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The Bayswater Foundation is happy to release the 2023 Annual Report, highlighting the incredible achievements of our One-for-One Initiative. This report delves into the lives we've touched, the partnerships we've forged, and the lasting impact we've made throughout the year. Discover how your support has empowered students, contributed to life-changing organisations, and collectively, created positive change.

Who We Are

The Bayswater Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides educational assistance to children in need. Our mission is to extend educational opportunities far beyond those who can afford them, and our 2023 Annual Report highlights the success of our One-for-One Initiative.

One-for-One Initiative

For every paying student who chooses Bayswater Education, the Bayswater Foundation offers a free week of English language learning to someone less fortunate. This initiative ensures that educational opportunities are available to underprivileged youth.

2023 Accomplishments

In 2023, we provided 28,999 weeks of learning. The students attend secondary school, so in a typical week we provide 2 – 4 hours of English tuition on top of their state education.


We partnered with five non-profit organisations for our One-for-One Initiative in 2023:

1.      Mais Caminhos in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2.      Children of Medellín  in Medellín, Colombia

3.      Cidadão Pró-Munda in Sao Paulo, Brazil

4.      Bareeq Education in Jordan

5.      RefuAid in the United Kingdom


Students Assisted

We provided free English language instruction to a total of 747 students in 2023. Here is a breakdown of the number of students assisted by each partner organisation:

·       Bareeq Education: 250

·       Mais Caminhos: 39

·       Children of Medellín: 76

·       RefuAid UK: 24

·       Cidadão Pró-Munda: 350

·       Refugees Paris: 8

Looking Forward

We aim to fund 50,000 student weeks of English learning. We also plan to expand the number of educational programs that we support around the world, including our first program in Southeast Asia.

If you are interested in learning more about our work, you can download the annual report here:

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