March 10, 2020

5 Most Common Myths about Studying English Abroad

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Studying abroad is life-changing – not just according to us, but also according to many students around the world. Individuals go through entire weeks and months of back-and-forth before they decide to take that leap of faith.

Studying abroad has numerous benefits (which I will talk about in my next article) – but the fact of the matter is that a lot of students are hesitant to take this step on their journey to academic success due to many ‘myths’ surrounding study abroad experiences.

5 Most Common Myths about Studying English Abroad

  1. You can learn the same from a language-learning app

  2. Too expensive and hard to afford

  3. Not worth the time or money

  4. It’s hard to make friends in a new country

  5. Studying abroad is only about partying and having fun


1) ‘You can learn the same from a language- learning App’




The way students learn and gain knowledge has been evolving constantly since the past couple of years - more and more students are now moving away from the conventional styles of learning e.g. classroom-based, from books etc.

Apps and online learning have taken over and reshaped the way our mind processes information. It has created an environment where students prefer convenience rather than a quality education.

An app can very much teach you the ABC’s of any language – but it definitely cannot give you the experience of studying it abroad and neither can it help you achieve fluency. According to an article in the New York TimesWhat counts as “fluent” is a tough concept to describe, but the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (or CEFR) is a widely-accepted standard for approximating fluency’. Yes, apps can help complement your language and studying abroad journey, but we would be lying if we said that you could learn the same from an app than you would at an accredited school.

2) ‘Studying abroad is too expensive and hard to afford’




While this may be true in some cases, however, it is entirely dependent on the course type, duration and intensity. The affordability of the study abroad experiences also varies on the location of the program, the length of the stay, and whether the program is administered through the school itself or a partner school.

Some language schools like Eurocentres offers payment flexibility as well as an option to personalise your language stay abroad according to your budget entirely – for example: choosing a destination that is more affordable, or by providing you with cheaper accommodation options. Booking during off-peak seasons or in advance, can also significantly reduce the overall cost of studying abroad.

3) ‘Not worth the time or money'




One of the biggest misconceptions that students often have is whether studying English abroad is worth the time or money. They wonder if all the money invested into taking that language stay abroad will pay off in the end.

Well, the only thing we can say is – what’s better than utilizing your holidays in the most productive way ever? Upskilling yourself and raising your worth through education can never be a waste of time or money. Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have; learning about new cultures, gaining fluency in the language of your choice and making friends from all over the world – is one of the many benefits that a study abroad experience can offer.

4) It’s hard to make friends in a new country



The situation is quite the opposite! Studying abroad is a great way to make friends and expand your social circle. It’s the perfect setting to meet new people since many other like-minded students will also be arriving alone and will be just as eager to make new friends. Sharing the same experience i.e. studying abroad often leads to long-lasting friendships and deeper bonds.

So if you’re looking to meet new people from all over the world – a language stay abroad can help you achieve that!

5) Studying abroad is only about partying and having fun




This depends on the school you choose and the kind of goals you want to achieve. Yes, your language stay abroad can be thoroughly exciting and enjoyable, however, language schools such as Eurocentres guarantees that your academic success always remains a priority throughout your study abroad experience.

Our teaching methodology encompasses 21st-century skills training along with language and communications skills which have proved to be highly beneficial for students wanting to become highly productive members of society. Our study abroad experiences not only help you achieve fluency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (or CEFR) but also prepares you for real-life situations as a 21st-century global citizen.

So, if you ever doubted your decision to study English abroad, this might have convinced you otherwise. Studying abroad can truly be a remarkable and unforgettable learning experience; don’t let any of these myths hold you back from taking that leap.

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